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Ghibli’s Takahata to Present Kaguya at France’s Annecy (2014-04-19 01:30:00)
French film festival to honor Takahata [ More ]

Funimation Unveils Code:Breaker’s English Dub Cast, Trailer (2014-04-18 21:30:00)
Jackie Ross, Micah Solusod, Jād Saxton, Aaron Roberts, Lydia Mackay star in dub [ More ]

Viz Media Announces Print Edition for World Trigger Manga (2014-04-18 20:00:00)
Sci-fi action series available in print on October 7 [ More ]

Singer May’n to Perform in Hollywood in July (2014-04-18 19:30:00)
Macross F theme song performer holds concert at Musicians Institute [ More ]

John Lennon’s Son Sean Co-Creates Ghost in the Shell Arise 3′s Ending Song (2014-04-18 18:30:00)
Lennon wrote & sang lyrics while soundtrack composer Cornelius scored & arranged [ More ]

New York Times Manga Best Seller List, April 6-12 (2014-04-18 17:30:58)
Naruto, Crimson Spell, Sword Art Online, Bleach, Wolf Children, 2 Attack on Titan volumes, Magi, Alice in the Country of Clover [ More ]

Aniplex, Bang Zoom! to Host Open Auditions for Magi: Kingdom of Magic Dub (2014-04-18 17:20:00)
1st Magi series also held open auditions [ More ]

Sailor Moon’s April 27 Live-Streamed Event to Unveil New Anime Cast (2014-04-18 16:20:33)
Guests include producer, director, manga editor, stage musical’s cast [ More ]

Tiger & Bunny: The Rising Gets Canadian Theatrical Release (2014-04-18 15:39:27)
Film to open in 35 cities for two days in June [ More ]

Ninja Slayer Gets 3-D Animated Book Trailer (2014-04-18 15:02:58)
Studio Trigger to animate upcoming anime adaptation [ More ]

Short Peace Project’s Ranko Tsukigime’s Longest Day Launch Trailer Streamed (2014-04-18 14:50:52)
Suda 51 and Yōhei Kataoka’s game ships today in Europe [ More ]

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: ASB Gameplay Video Features Mohammed Avdol (2014-04-18 13:50:40)
Also: “Walk Like an Egyptian” by The Bangles revealed as new anime ending theme [ More ]

Eir Aoi Returns to Perform Sword Art Online II Opening Theme (2014-04-18 12:56:16)
Anime series to premiere in July [ More ]

Tales of Heart R Western Release Confirmed (2014-04-18 12:47:54)
PS Vita game slated for Winter 2014 [ More ]

Chō Megami Shinkō Noire: Gekishin Black Heart’s Battle Movie Streamed (2014-04-18 10:10:00)
Franchise’s 1st simulation RPG to ship for PS Vita on May 29 [ More ]

Date A Live: Ars Install PS3 Game’s New Promo Previews Theme Song (2014-04-18 09:10:00)
sweet ARMS performs “Installation” opening theme for June 27 PS3 game [ More ]

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment’s New 60-Second Commercial is Narrated by Kirito (2014-04-18 08:10:00)
First copies of PS Vita game shipping on April 24 to come with code for wedding dress costume [ More ]

Persona Q 3DS Game’s Weak Point, Group Attack Promos Streamed (2014-04-18 07:08:51)
Persona 3, 4 heroes/heroines gather for June 5 Nintendo 3DS RPG [ More ]

Short Peace Film Opens in Several U.S. Cities on Friday (2014-04-18 03:00:00)
Shuhei Morita’s Oscar-nominated “Possessions” among shorts by Hiroaki Ando, Hajime Katoki, Katsuhiro Otomo [ More ]

Maaya Sakamoto Narrates 2nd htoL#NiQ Video (2014-04-18 02:30:00)
2D action game to ship June 19 in Japan [ More ]

Cross-Dressing Shōjo Manga Liar Lily/Usotsuki Lily to End in 2 Weeks (2014-04-18 02:00:00)
Mixed Vegetables’ Komura to end comedy about girl & her crossdressing 1st boyfriend on May 2 [ More ]

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma for PS Vita Previewed in 3-Minute Video (2014-04-18 01:30:00)
Slated for next Thursday in Japan & June 24 in N. America with all PS3 characters plus beach story, enhanced Abyss Mode [ More ]

Robot Girls Z Movie Version’s Trailer Streamed (2014-04-18 01:00:00)
10 theaters in Japan to screen all 9 episodes on May 31 [ More ]

Stand By Me Doraemon 3D CG Film’s Full Trailer Posted (2014-04-18 01:00:00)
Film recreating famous chapters from robot cat’s manga opens on August 8 [ More ]

Liar Lily/Usotsuki Lily Shōjo Manga Has TV Anime Listed by Amazon (2014-04-18 00:35:19)
Girl’s 1st boyfriend is a crossdresser in Ayumi Komura’s slapstick romantic comedy [ More ]

School Girl Strikers iOS Game’s Battle Scene Video Posted (2014-04-17 21:50:00)
Light novel-style RPG with all-star cast available now on iTunes [ More ]

Hyperdimension Neptunia PP’s English-Dubbed Character Videos Posted (2014-04-17 21:45:00)
Idea Factory/Compile Heart’s idol-managing PS Vita game gets retail/PSN release in June [ More ]

Lupin the IIIrd: Daisuke Jigen’s Gravestone Anime Film’s 1st Teaser Posted (2014-04-17 20:00:00)
New visual also unveiled for June 21 spinoff about Lupin’s accomplice in faceoff with assassin [ More ]

X Japan’s Yoshiki Performs Saint Seiya CG Film’s Theme (2014-04-17 19:00:00)
“Hero” previewed online before full unveiling at his world tour’s 1st stop in California [ More ]

Anchor Bay Acquires Live-Action Kite Film (2014-04-17 17:19:13)
Company to distribute the film in N. America [ More ]