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Terraformars 2nd OVA Episode’s Trailer Streamed (2014-10-31 10:33:55)
Second OVA episode to bundle with the manga’s 11th volume [ More ]

Anime Mirai Short Death Billiards Gets TV Anime (Update) (2014-10-31 09:30:00)
Death Parade premieres in 2015 with original creator Yuzuru Tachikawa as director at Madhouse [ More ]

Hiroyuki Sawano Performs Attack on Titan Film’s Ending Theme ‘YAMANAIAME’ (2014-10-31 08:40:40)
Sawano also performs insert song for Attack on Titan: No Regrets OVA [ More ]

Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires Gets Western Release Dates, PC Version (2014-10-30 23:57:00)
Koei announced on its Facebook page on Thursday that Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires (Shin Sangoku Musou 7: Empires) is slated for January 27, 2015 in North… [ More ]

Next To Love-Ru Darkness OVA Slated for April 3 (2014-10-30 23:57:00)
The December issue of Shueisha’s Jump Square is announcing on Tuesday that the special edition of the 13th To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness manga volume will… [ More ]

Otoshimono American Remake in Works (2014-10-30 23:57:00)
All Nippon Entertainment Works to bring horror movie to global audience as Ghost Train [ More ]

Daily Briefs (2014-10-30 23:57:00)
Next To Love-Ru Darkness OVA Slated for April 3
Otoshimono American Remake in Works
Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires Gets Western Release Dates, PC Version
[ No More ]

Shirogumi Creates Temporarily Titled Etotama TV Anime (2014-10-30 23:00:00)
Series centers on foolish cat girl trying to become Chinese zodiac member [ More ]

Bandai Namco, ADK, Aniplex Establish Anime Consortium Japan Streaming Service (2014-10-30 19:40:00)
The company will absorb Daisuki streaming service [ More ]

Hatsune Miku Song ‘Bad End Night’ Gets Manga (2014-10-30 18:40:00)
“Heisei Project” songs also get manga adaptation [ More ]

Ghibli’s Princess Kaguya Nominated for APSA’s Best Animated Film (2014-10-30 17:20:00)
Princess Kaguya is the only Japanese film nominated [ More ]

Neptunia Re;Birth 3 V Century’s Opening Movie Streamed (2014-10-30 15:40:00)
Updated version of Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory to ship December 18 in Japan [ More ]

Two-Formula to Perform Isuca Action Anime’s Ending Theme (2014-10-30 14:20:00)
Ayumi Fujimura will play title character in series premiering January [ More ]

Bump of Chicken to Perform 1st Live-Action Parasyte Film’s Ending Song (2014-10-30 12:45:00)
1st of 2 films based on Hitoshi Iwaaki’s manga premieres in Japan on November 29 [ More ]

Project Itoh’s Harmony Anime Film Previewed in Video (2014-10-30 12:34:28)
2015 film adapts late novelist’s sci-fi story along with Genocidal Organ [ More ]

Riddle Story of Devil’s Unaired Survival Game Episode Previewed in Video (2014-10-30 11:55:00)
Brand new story takes place on an uninhabited island where girls fight to steal Haru [ More ]

One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X Video Showcases Team Battles, Anime Opening (2014-10-30 10:55:00)
Nintendo 3DS fighting game to ship on November 13 [ More ]

Saint Seiya Soul of Gold Anime Teased for Next Spring (2014-10-30 09:55:17)
Teaser footage, key visual unveiled at Tamashii Nation 2014 event [ More ]

The Last -Naruto the Movie-‘s New TV Spot Shows More Characters in Action (2014-10-30 09:15:16)
Sukima Switch’s theme song also previewed in commercial for December movie telling Naruto’s “final story” [ More ]

Arpeggio of Blue Steel Film DC Film’s New Teaser Features nano Theme Song (2014-10-30 09:00:00)
Trident performs opening theme for January film starring returning cast from TV series [ More ]

Plastic Memories Anime’s 1st Promo Hints at Bittersweet Romance (2014-10-30 08:06:04)
GJ Club’s Fujiwara directs “love story born from digital memories” anime [ More ]

Prince of Tennis II Gets 3rd OVA Volume in February (2014-10-30 04:00:00)
Episodes 5 & 6 to feature “The Strongest Pair” & “Betrayal and Bargaining” [ More ]

J-Pop Trio Perfume, ‘Fumiko’s Confession’s’ Ishida Create ‘Fastening Days’ Anime Short (2014-10-30 03:32:44)
Zipper maker YKK streams short worldwide in English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Chinese [ More ]

Blood Blockade Battlefront TV Anime’s BONES Staff, Cast Unveiled (2014-10-30 02:10:25)
Kyousogiga’s Rie Matsumoto helms 2015 anime with Cowboy Bebop designer Toshihiro Kawamoto [ More ]

Ketsuekigata-kun! Blood-Type TV Anime Gets 2nd Season (2014-10-30 01:00:00)
Jun Fukuyama, Yūichi Nakamura, Akira Ishida, Tetsuya Kakihara reprise characters linked to blood types [ More ]

GJ Club’s Fujiwara to Helm Plastic Memories Anime at Dogakobo (2014-10-29 23:57:00)
The December issue of Kadokawa’s Dengeki G’s Magazine announced on Thursday that Yoshiyuki Fujiwara (GJ Club, Engaged to the Unidentified) will direct… [ More ]

Discotek Teases New Sports Anime Licenses (2014-10-29 23:57:00)
North American distributor Discotek Media reported on Tuesday that it picked up two new sports anime series. The company didn’t reveal which series it… [ More ]

YouTube Considers Ad-Free Paid Subscriptions (2014-10-29 23:57:00)
The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that YouTube executives are considering a paid subscription service. The service would allow customers to view… [ More ]

Daily Briefs (2014-10-29 23:57:00)
• Sword Art Online Lost Song Slated, Producer Promises Better English Translation
GJ Club’s Fujiwara to Helm Plastic Memories Anime at Dogakobo
‘Go! Princess Precure’ Trademark Filed
Tomie’s Junji Ito Draws ‘Snow White’ Manga One-Shot
• Discotek Teases New Sports Anime Licenses
YouTube Considers Ad-Free Paid Subscriptions
[ No More ]

Tomie’s Junji Ito Draws ‘Snow White’ Manga One-Shot (2014-10-29 23:57:00)
Manga creator Junji Ito (Tomie, Uzumaki) published a one-shot manga called “Ito Junji no Bishōjo Zankoku Dōwa Shirayuki Hime-hen” (Junji Ito’s Bishōjo… [ More ]