Kick-Heart English Dubbed

Kick-Heart (Movie)
Anime News Network: Kick-Heart (Movie)

Themes: Sports, Wrestling

Plot Summary:

Romeo Maki is a professional wrestler going by the name of Maskman M as well as CEO of an orphanage where the roof leaks and a python has taken over the toilet. Working there is a novice nun, Sister Juliet who, unknown to Maki, moonlights as another wrestler – Lady S. The two meet in a $50,000 winner take all bout where they discover how well matched they truly are: he gets off on pain while she loves inflicting it.

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The Garden of Words English Dubbed

The Garden of Words (Movie)
Anime News Network: The Garden of Words (Movie)

Themes: Age-Gap Relationship

Plot Summary:

Takao, who is training to become a shoemaker, skipped school and is sketching shoes in a Japanese-style garden. He meets a mysterious woman, Yukino, who is older than him. Then, without arranging the times, the two start to see each other again and again, but only on rainy days. They deepen their relationship and open up to each other. But the end of the rainy season soon approaches …

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Colorful: The Movie English Dubbed

Colorful (Movie)
Anime News Network: Colorful (Movie)

Themes: Rebirth, Suicide

Plot Summary:

Upon reaching the train station to death, a dejected soul is informed that he is ‘lucky’ and will have another chance at life. He is placed in the body of a 14-year-old boy named Makoto Kobayashi, who has just committed suicide. Watched over by a neutral spirit named Purapura, the soul must figure out what his greatest sin and mistake in his former life was before his time limit in Makoto’s body runs out. He … Click here to Read more

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K-ON! The Movie English Dubbed

K-ON! The Movie (Movie)
Anime News Network: K-ON! The Movie (Movie)

Themes: Moe, Music, School Life

Plot Summary:

After passing their university entrance exam, Yui and co. started to discuss a variety of things they wanted to do before they graduate, including doing something for Azusa. In the process, they managed to go to London as a club for their graduation trip.

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