Hetalia – Axis Powers Dubbed Anime (Ongoing)

Anime Episode Title: Hetalia – Axis Powers Dubbed Anime (Ongoing)
Hetalia - Axis Powers (TV)
Genres: comedy
Theme: bishounen, historical, moe, parody
Age rating: Teenagers (mild bad language and/or bloodless violence)
Anime News Network: Hetalia – Axis Powers (TV)
Dubbed By: Funimation Entertainment

Plot Summary:

Italy, once home of the strongest empire in the world, has changed. This is the story of Italy, now a cowardly pasta-loving fool, and his friends (other personified countries of the world) as they live through strange moments in world history.

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  1. Jazmin says:

    if you guys wanna see Hetalia this is the website i use:

    Its also dubbed :)

  2. otaku1123 says:

    BRING BACK HETALIA *cries* Italyyy…. Pastaa….

  3. Lovino Vargas says:

    You’re fucking shitting me right? It was HERE BEFORE. You could get rid of a lot of animes, but Hetalia? Shit no!

  4. London Kirkland says:

    Wtf is it

  5. George Harrison Fangirl says:

    I need my Hetalia! Where is it? I miss Britain…

  6. Star says:


  7. Dee says:

    oh my fucking god are you kidding me?? I need my Hetalia oh my gosh!

    does anybody know where I can find the dub?

  8. HEtalia Love says:

    WHERE IS IT D: D: D: D: D:

  9. Sealand says:

    This sucks! I really enjoyed the English dub to this anime. I’m not a fan of the original Japanese version because I love hearing the accents XD
    But still this really sucks :(

  10. Doitsu Quoibito says:

    if it doesnt work and u still wanna watch it, you can find it at http://www.animefreak.tv/watch/hetalia-axis-powers-english-dubbed-online-free except it’s only english subed. sorry.. if it was my choice, i would put the dubbed version, but im only an anime watcher, i dont make the series nor any other series, i just got pisssed that it wont allow me on youtube and this was a second option

  11. RootbeerFloat says:

    The episodes are not here anymore because FUNimation didn’t want them here. :( All of the anime from FUNimation are no longer available on this site, but they’re still on FUNimation’s youtube channel, so no worries ok guys! :D

  12. maddie says:

    :( y wont it work?????????? :?

  13. WTFBBQ says:

    Are you fucking me? I want to watch Hetalia!

    >:( seriously

  14. WTFBBQ says:

    Are you fucking me? I want to watch Hetalia!


  15. ruffus says:

    Seems to be happening to lots of the anime on this sight anyone no whats up at least 5 of the anime series I was watching are gone :(

  16. ruffus says:

    its happening to lots of the anime on this sight . :( Anyone no whats up seems to be very wide spread

  17. Confused... says:

    where did the episodes go? :O i bookmarked one and it wont show up! it says nothing found for ……. D:

  18. Waffles says:

    WHAT THE FUDGE?!?!?! WHERE ARE THE EPISODES!?!?!?!? I NEED THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Shay says:

    What the hell’s up with Hetalia? The episodes aren’t here anymore…
    /dies :x

  20. Jenna says:


  21. rob says:


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