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B-Daman Crossfire Episode 26 English Dubbed

B-Daman Crossfire (TV)

Title: This is it! The final match!
Licensed by: D-Rights

Plot Summary:
The story takes place in year 20XX – in the town of “East City,” where the toy “B-Daman” is popular with children. “Riki Ryugasaki” is an elementary school boy in this town.

He wants to be an adventurer when he grows up and his favorite word is “mystery.” Riki has a lively personality, but can … Click here to Read more

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Beyblade: Shogun Steel Episode 25 English Dubbed

Beyblade: Shogun Steel (TV)

Title: The All-out Mid-air Battle!
Licensed by: Nelvana

Plot Summary:
Seven years have passed since the God of Destruction met his end at the hands of a great Blader. A new era of Beyblade has begun, bringing with it new Blades. When Zero Kurogane witnessed the final battle with the lord of destruction years ago, a fire began to burn within him to push forward to a new future. While Zero is the champion in his hometown, he wants to test himself and seeks out greater opponents, … Click here to Read more

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MM! English Dubbed

MM! (TV)
Anime News Network: MM! (TV)

Themes: Fanservice, Harem, Moe, S & M, Tsundere

Plot Summary:

High school student Taro Sado comes to realize that he is an extreme masochist and attempts to conceal this from his crush. To fix his problem, he enrolls in his school’s “2nd Volunteer Club”, where Mio Isurugi and the other members attempt to cure him through various “training” regimens.

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Tenkai Knights Episode 19 English Dubbed

Tenkai Knights (TV)

Title: Extreme Titan
Dubbed by: Spin Master

Plot Summary:
In Tenkai Knights, teenagers Guren, Ceylan, Chooki and Toxsa accidentally stumbled into an interdimensional portal and ended up on the world known as Quarton. They emerged as Bravenwolf, Tributon, Lydendor and Valorn, the legendary Tenkai Knights. Now these four friends hold the fate of two worlds in their powerful robotic hands and must master amazing powers to stop the evil Vilius and his army of … Click here to Read more

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